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Who is Guitar? More than just any old musical instrument, I’m an enthusiastic advocate for the Nature Folk Movement … where we go about fixing nature (and our connection to it) one song, one campfire talk, and waterside chat at a time.

If that sounds far fetched, don’t forget: You’re talking to a guitar (note: some of my friends call me “Strings.”)

Other testimonials

And I’m not alone. Singer/songwriter Bobby Angel, Water Drop from Go Hydrology, the Cowboy at Campfire Park, Dino the Dinosaur from the geologic epoch known as Before Phones (BP), Mr. Bookshelf – and many others – are all saying the same.

The reason?

Nature needs our help and we need nature like never before.

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That’s where the Nature Folk Flyer comes in.

More than just any old daily digest, the Nature Folk Flyer is a gateway and getaway into a world of reconnecting with the traditional values and activities that were taken away – or devalued – by the “internet of things,” and most conspicuously – “smartphones.” And even more specifically, we’re talking about Boogie – “The Boogie Phone.” Think of him as sort of like the BoogieMonster you carry around with you at all times. Always a distraction. Always taking you away from those “core” organic values in your life.

And Boogie’s not alone.

There’s also Spam at your doorstep (cramming all your inboxes with junk), Top Floor at Megacorp (keeping the little guy from having a voice) and Urban Sprawl at the edge of the woods.

Reading the Nature Folk Flyer will give you a front row seat to:

  • Attend a virtual campfire talk
  • Ride the water cycle
  • Soak in a campfire shanty
  • Rediscover your bookshelf
  • Get back into good penmanshape,
  • Journeying back to the geologic era Before Phones (BP) …

And most of all, pushing back against Boogie and all the other forces the Nature Folk Movement is up against.

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On that note, I would like to officially sign off, with one big confession I’ll save for the postscript (i.e. P.S.) below.

Yours Truly,

P.S. More about Me

Confession: My name is Robert V Sobczak. I am a long-time hydrologist and blogger who got my start “waxing poetic” (and scientific) about the water cycle at in the early 2000s. Some people even say I resemble a water drop.

I am also an author – or rather, co-author – of three full-length novels called the Centennial Campfire Trilogy, including: (1) Legend of Campfire Charlie (2016), (2) Last Stand at Boulder Ridge (2018), and (3) Final Campfire(2020). The trilogy recounts the day-in-a-life of a park ranger. His mission: To make it through an epically long day at the Visitor Center to give a campfire talk at a nearby campground at 7 o’clock. Let’s just say it turns into a bit of a journey starting at the crack of dawn.

Did I mention “accidental” co-author?

Rudi and I never set out to write a book, let alone 3 of them. Our goal much simpler: All we wanted to do was team up to give a 30-minute “campfire talk” to celebrate the National Park Service’s 100th Birthday, also called the Centennial. A dozen campfire talks later we decided to try to put the story in a book. One book led to another until 6-years later the 3-book trilogy was finally done.

That major milestone complete, I set out to create an online home for the books. But instead of focusing on the books, I found myself creating Campfire Park – “Home of the Campfire Talk” – and specifically To be clear: These are not your grandfather’s campfire talks, but rather a new take on the venue that blends a little bit of the old with the new — and most importantly brings the campfire talk to your, right in the comfort of your own home.

An unexpected surprise happened while making Campfire Park. And this is where it gets a little crazy, but in a good way. For many years I wrote and performed farewell songs to colleagues leaving Big Cypress Nat’l Preserve, usually for the greener pastures of other parks. Because Rudi and my original campfire talk featured three of those songs – one called Three Jacks, another called One More Melaleuca (for the Road) and another called Higher Moral Ground – it only seemed natural that I include those “campfire shanties” in the the Campfire Park website.

Oh, and by the way: my singer/songwriter alter ego is known locally, in the hallways of where I work – as Bobby Angel. To be clear: I did not give myself that name. But you know how nicknames are. Sometimes they just stick. And Bobby Angel stuck. And over the years, as the songs piled up, people always (or sometimes) asked: Those songs deserve a home.

To be honest, I never thought about it that much. And sometimes I would go a year without picking up the guitar. But because Bobby Angel songs were featured in our original campfire talks, and because — and here is the really important point — Bobby Angel was featured as a “Bob Dylan-esque” character in 3 books Rudi and I co-wrote, the Bobby Angel website ( naturally took form.

Bobby Angel’s specialty is penning and performing nature-folk/campfire shanties. My first album – New Pangaea – includes 10 nature shanties woven together with interviews on each song and a beguiling epilogue at the end, soon thereafter followed by my second studio work called The Green Album (and loosely modeled off of The Beatles White Album).

To bring this story home, the same creative process that fueled Campfire Park and Bobby Angel website inspired me to bring my Go Hydrology website into the Word Press website building platform. No longer a single website, I was managing multiple websites; but also singularly focused on seeing how they all interconnected.

Yes, I’m a hydrologist, but the original campfire where Rudi and I met and conceived of our plan to collaborate on a series of campfire talks, over time, made me get in tune and synchronized with a larger and more multidisciplinary version of myself.

And thus was born the Nature Folk Movement (NFM), and with it – The Flyer.

Both are my attempt to reclaim who I was, and what I still aim to be, in the pre-phone era (it was a Time of Great Phonelessness) when the sun and stars, not our phones, kept us in harmony with the earth and ourselves – and help inspire others they can do the same.

At it’s heart, the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) is part experiment, part adventure and part accident.

I never set out to write a book, let alone a trilogy. And I never set out to be a song writer, let alone complete two full length albums. And really, going all the way back, I never set out to write a hydrology blog. I was just trying to share information and ideas.

And so twenty years later the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) was born.

The question really, is where it goes from here.

Thank you and truly,