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The good news is the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) is free.

On the other hand, running Nature Folk HQ incurs an cost.

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How much does it cost?

Let’s just say that broadcasting quality content promoting environmental awareness and outreach incurs a cost. To date, Nature Folk HQ had bootstrapped expenses out of its own pocket change. But to really take the programming to the next level? That will require supplemental funding. And that’s exactly why Guitar and everyone else here at Nature Folk HQ motioned to turn our endeavor into a 501(c)(3) recognized not-for-profit charitable organization.

Our goal?

To provide quality programming for bringing people into the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) fold. Our small request: If you can, consider donating to our cause. Every penny goes into supporting operational costs and improving the quality of programming. In the meanwhile, we’re beholden on featuring advertisements from The Boogie Phone who is sort of the antithesis of what we stand for here at Nature Folk HQ.

As always, thank you for stopping by,