Phone-eating Dinosaur
But why he (probably) won't eat yours

Why does Dino eat smart phones?

Let’s just say – it’s complicated.

Don’t be afraid – Dino (probably) won’t eat your phone

For one, he’s just hungry and not only are phones very abundant in the After Phone (AP) era – nobody else is eating them. Another reason: Dino craves the chance and will do anything to get back to the geologic epoch known as Before Phone (BP). The way he sees it – the more phones he eats the greater chance he has to recreate the “pre-phones” conditions of the period during which he thrived. It was a time of Great Phonelesslness. Why else does Dino eat phones? In a word, Boogie. Dino has a evolutionary-refined sense of smell for the dreaded Boogie Phone.

What is the Boogie Phone?

Or rather who is the Boogie Phone. Let’s just say he’s always lurking. And usually closer than you think. Click here to find out more, or simply read the post below. And most of all don’t forget to listen to what Dino has to say in video above.

About Before Phones (BP)
It was a time of Great Phonelessness

Granted, it was a bizarre time.

People actually had to talk to each other face to face.

Introducing Dino the phone-eating dinosaur

And there were only three channels on the TV.

As unpleasant as that sounds, somehow it worked (although I have my doubts).

Dino is just trying to understand modern life

But how exactly did people survive (even thrive) before phones?

Here at Before Phones (BP) “Where the Dinosaurs Roam” we explore the latest discoveries about the Pre-Phone era. Our methodologies include interviews with other dinosaurs, the latest archeological finds and a range of other innovative research techniques.

Mysteries We Explore

Nothing to fear, Dino will not harm you (but he may eat your phone)

Here at Before Phones (BP), we are dedicate to …

Trying to understand the cryptic pre-phone era.

Unresolved questions include:

  • How people drove without texting?
  • What is was like to have only 24 photos to a roll?
  • How people (dinosaurs) coped with the boredom?

Our Goal

Dino interviewing Steve the Brontosaurus

The pre-phone era also had its charm (so they say).

Our goal is to understand how society worked without everyone staring at their phone all day (and night).

  • To inform, inspire and educate about the pre-phone era
  • Feature guests from the Before Phone (BP) era
  • Continuously improve our understanding of phonelessness

Dangerous Dinosaur on the Loose!
But don't be afraid, he' won't harm you (he'll only eat your phone)

If you thought a T-Rex was scary …

How about a phone-eating dinosaur?

Other than that one quirk, Dino the Dinosaur has a heart of gold. And the only reason he eats phones (and not berries or nuts) is that the birds and the squirrels are too fast for him to compete. It doesn’t hurt that no other animal seems to be targeting smart phones, plus the fact that they are super plentiful, and people are super tuned out when they are using them in public.

Dino may actually be doing them a favor by eating their phone.

Although that’s probably looking at the long-view.

Usually in the short term they are super freaked out.

Nature Folk TweetRoll

After reading these tweets …

I think the message is pretty clear:

The good folks at Nature Folk HQ are freaked out by the BoogiePhone.

And probably rightly so.

Think about it:

The Boogiephone is a major disruptor, and usually in bad ways. Instead of engaging the people around you, or reading a book, or writing a handwritten note, or simply going for a walk, the Boogiephone creeps up time and time again and takes over your life.

Or is it even fair to talk about the Boogiephone …

Without him present to defend himself.

Boogiephone, are you there?