Her and There
Art of the medley

Life was simple …

When she was there.

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Then somehow they both slipped away.

Or is that the most beautiful part?

Bobby Angel explores that and more in his new song.

And by the way, it’s a medley – not his typical ballad.

Built to be Torn Down
And hauled away in a dump truck

Usually in life we like being on the path to progress, 

Especially when that means money in the bank.

This podcast features a song and interview with Bobby Angel

And then there’s the odd case of the “tear down.”

In this edition of Firelight Radio, singer/songwriter Bobby Angel digs deep into the meaning of home and what it’s like being on the outside looking in when the land value outstrips the worth of one man’s life work.

A long-time owner ponders the demise of his life’s work

The older we get the more we look back …

And the more we shoot for the future to bear a legacy of some sort.

Or is the heart over watching your life’s work get demolished misery misplaced. Maybe our true mark is best found in the hearts and memories of those we touched, not structural moments whether they be houses, physical creations or other namesakes.

That doesn’t make the demolition hurt any less.

A tear down

As for the musical influences on the song?

Probably Merle Haggard and Woody Guthrie resonate most. But make no mistake, the song and interview are Bobby Angel original all the way.

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Pretend It Never Happened
The song and interview

We’ve all learned to accept reality …

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to dream.

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Does dreaming how things used to be make a difference …

Or is it all just all a big waste of time?

I guess it depends on your prerogative,

But I will say this:

Dreams are like gliding on a skiff

We don’t know what’s possible until we understand the evolution of how things came to be.

Sometimes our attempts to make things better backfires. That doesn’t mean we can’t get it back, or at least try, if even in our dreams.

Midstream Live
As sung at the banks of scenic Muscovy Lake

As much as I love creating stop-motion videos …

Sometimes a live version says it best.

Live version of Midstream

In this case I think I actually refined the lyrics in the process, too. The truth about writing a song: You have to perform it a couple times, sometimes over and over, to hear yourself sing it, before all the words fall into the right place. This song is a bit of twist: it leads and ends with the refrain, with the chorus serving as filler in between.

Everyone loves a song about horses

And by the way: I didn’t count them, but there must be couple dozen midstreams in the song.

Not sure when I pen the lyrics if I want to write them all out.

Bobby Angel lets it rip

Many artists spend weeks in a studio …

Trying to refine a song to the nth degree.

Bobby Angel raw opening take

Bobby Angel’s philosophy, on the other hand, is to get a first draft out. Why? Absent any producers or advisors, the imperative is to get the music to his fans, and to be perfectly honest – Bobby Angel needs to hear the song himself.

The only way to do that is to record the initial take and go from there.

Bobby Angel prefers midstream

Is this the final version of the song?

Probably not. One listen in I can already hear things I’d like to tweak. And let’s be honest about song sung around the campfire: They’re rarely sang the same way twice. But there is merit to getting a song down as opposed to letting it rot on the detritus of a perpetually delayed release. Bobby Angel just lets it rip because Bobby Angel knows that’s how you refine a song and move on to the next.

To all my fans with love,

Backyard Brigadoon
Why paradise is closer than you think

Bobby Angel’s ballad of a local …

Who found paradise in his backyard swamp.

In memory of friend and colleague, Billy Joiner

An untimely death, a life remembered. In honor of an outspoken outdoor enthusiast, Billy Joiner.

Stay on after the song to hear an interview with Bobby Angel about the song and what made Billy Joiner an inspiration for all those who know him.

Early years of an Artist
Initial conditions matter

It’s never a question of where an artist starts …

But rather if they get a lucky break.

A farewell song to Paul Murphy, as sung back in 2014

As much as I’d love to play sold out gigs at Wembley Stadium, playing before a crowd of a few dozen in the pavilion is fine. An no matter how high an artist’s star shoots, it is fool hearty for them to forget the humble roots of where their musical sensibility took root. For me, it was penning songs that celebrated the good works of others trying to protect and restore nature. The very first such song I penned (and sang in front of a friendly audience) was back in 1999. Over the years I’ve sang many a farewell song since. Each one celebrates a colleagues quest to protect nature in a unique way.

My point:

Artists are always evolving, if also equally grounded in their original roots.

That is very much the case with Bobby Angel today.

Pilot of Many Talents
Sometimes called the "eye in the sky"

Singer/songwriter Bobby Angel recounts a day in the life …

Of a long-time pilot who kept a constant watch over nature.

Video and interview about the song

And trust me when I tell you this:

The adventure depicted in the video was just his average day.

Be sure to stay tuned in after the song to hear an exclusive interview with Bobby Angel in which he reveals the inside scoop behind the many stories in the song, a recollection of his debut performance in front of an audience of a hundred fans at Islamorada, why it took 10 years to make the video, and speculation on whether the The Gatorettes and Bobby Angel will ever reunite.

Hobo Camp
A song for Woody

Bobby Angel’s ballad …

Celebrates the life of a Hobo who stood up for the trees at the edge of town.

Bobby Angel delivers a power ballad on the hobo life …

And in this song – the story of a hobo who discovers the joys and sorrows of building a hobo camp at the edge of town.

The thing about the hobo …

He more than just cares, he’s moved to action.

Of course, as a hobo he didn’t have a lot to lose. Or more correctly stated, everything he owned (or didn’t own) was on the line. And more specifically, his hobo camp. The hobo initially finds solace and then inner strength in squatting in a makeshift hobo camp at the forest at the edge of town – only to have his whole world upended when the developers come in to knock the forest down, and with it his hobo camp.

Can the hobo save the day?

Well, let’s just say he makes a stand.

And in doing so, also reveals the truth about the woods at the edge of town.

Not a bumb
Hobos are migrant workers

Bobby Angel sits down …

For a rare interview on his hit song.

Click here to listen Hobo Camp the song

Bobby Angel’s take?

Hobo camps aren’t as seedy (or rare) as you think.

Actually, whenever you take a break in a makeshift spot during work, for 5 minutes or ten times longer than that, and the relaxation reflex kicks in, think of it as a hobo camp all your own, whether you’re by yourself or with a c0-worker or two. It’s those times you’ll remember more than the work, and make the work more meaningful, too.

So do yourself a favor, and make yourself a hobo camp.

Just be sure not to leave behind any trash!