Interview Tips
by AM Radio Host Buck Buckner

Folks, let me tell ya …

There’s a lot of bad advice out there on the internet.

Interview tips by Buck

Worse yet:

It can really hit you hard where it counts. And I’m talking your pocketbook. And folks, really, if you want to improve yourself – your going to need a good job. And to get a good job you’re gonna have to interview well. The problem is, most people either don’t know how to interview or they are getting bad advice on the internet.

My advice to you is simple.

Don’t be fooled by their trick questions.

Bigfoot Cover Up?
The AM radio host makes his case

Well welcome folks …

To “In The Bunker” with Buck Buckner.

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I‘m your host Buck Buckner …

And I’m totally freaked out.

Why am I freaked out, you may ask? Because of the “Fringe Middle,” or the “Silent Majority.” Their silence, it completely freaks me out. And their conspiracy theories. They’re way off base and they avoid the facts. For example, Bigfoot. Let’s talk about Bigfoot. Scientific name Sasquatch. And think about it folks, how silent they are on Bigfoot. We know Bigfoot is out there. We know Bigfoot is lurking. And we know that quite frankly from all the eye witness accounts. And think about it folks. Even if one out of ten eye witness accounts is accurate …

Then that proves that Bigfoot (scientific name Sasquatch) exists.

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Buck’s Batter Rule
Art of a good waffle (or two)

Having a successful life …

Pretty much boils down to having a run of successful days.

Waffles are vital to starting the day off right

According to AM Radio Host Buck Buckner from “Inside the Bunker” and as highlighted on his recent public speaking tour, that means starting with this food group.

Bigfoot Conspiracy
The cover up as Buck Buckner sees it

Listen Folks, it’s pretty simple …

Bigfoot exists.

Listen to Buck state his case

How do I know?

A lot of it is just going with my gut. But there’s also the 10/90 Rule. What is the 10/90 Rule? Not to get into too much shop talk, basically the rule works like this. Let’s just say that only ten percent of Bigfoot sightings are correct (and we know the percentage is a lot higher than that), then Bigfoot exists. And if Bigfoot exists, where is the evidence? That’s where the cover up comes in.

Remember folks: Fear the dangerous fringe middle, sometimes called the silent majority.

And don’t forget to tune into my regular show at Campfire Park.

ARt of the Cut N Paste
Self-help tips from AM radio host Buck Buckner

If Buck Buckner wants anything …

It’s to impart his wisdom to his faithful followers.

Accordingly, Buck is always spouting bromides and other little tricks to help his league of listeners to find success, as is epitomized in the video below.

Buck explains

Of all the inventions of the recent paste …

It’s hard to argue that “Cut N Paste” didn’t set a standard that will never be surpassed.