Buck’s Batter Rule
Art of a good waffle (or two)

Having a successful life …

Pretty much boils down to having a run of successful days.

Waffles are vital to starting the day off right

According to AM Radio Host Buck Buckner from “Inside the Bunker” and as highlighted on his recent public speaking tour, that means starting with this food group.

Easier done than said
Why nothing goes as planned

The biggest consequences are always the unintended consequences …

We just have no idea what they’ll be.

The story of Scenic Lake

Case in point is Campfire Park’s very own Scenic Lake.

The lake had become such a popular attraction that people were literally loving it to death. Too many people meant too much near shore erosion. It wasn’t long before the pristine lake had become fouled with sediments to the point that the fish started seeking shelter by climbing up in the trees (which in turn attracted more visitors).

It was a vicious loop.

One fix after another – nothing worked.

Arrival of the Muscovy

Then one day a Muscovy Duck flew in from nowhere …

And so a lake was saved.

Car Horn Use 101
The guide for proper horn usage

Have you ever been unnerved …

By an unexpected blast of a car horn in your general direction.

Did the toot go too far? Call your Uncle!

Worry not, and rest assured:

Uncle & Uncle is in your corner, where they settle petty differences and trivial situations in you favor, and often with a vengeance that far exceeds any fleeting anger or discomfort you may have felt. At 1-UNCLE-UNCLE, they’ll not only surround you with peaceful sounds, they’ll take care of whoever beeped the errant horn.

“At Uncle & Uncle, we let you eat your cake and have it, too.”

Don’t let the beep cause you to lose sleep – Call Your Uncle!

Terms and conditions may apply

Bigfoot Conspiracy
The cover up as Buck Buckner sees it

Listen Folks, it’s pretty simple …

Bigfoot exists.

Listen to Buck state his case

How do I know?

A lot of it is just going with my gut. But there’s also the 10/90 Rule. What is the 10/90 Rule? Not to get into too much shop talk, basically the rule works like this. Let’s just say that only ten percent of Bigfoot sightings are correct (and we know the percentage is a lot higher than that), then Bigfoot exists. And if Bigfoot exists, where is the evidence? That’s where the cover up comes in.

Remember folks: Fear the dangerous fringe middle, sometimes called the silent majority.

And don’t forget to tune into my regular show at Campfire Park.

Destination Midstream
It's really a pleasant place

We all know the perils of stopping at midstream.

First and foremost, your horses will be washed downstream.

But is this really good advice?

I’m several decades into the game and I’ve never crossed a stream with a horse. Usually when I ford a stream its using a bridge. And metaphorically speaking, isn’t the middle of the stream a good place to be? It’s the banks where the troubles lie. Expections. Time tables. Too many things to be done. In the middle of the stream all expectations are washed away. That leaves you with two options, go with the flow downstream, or fight the current and go upstream to find the headwater source. The headwater source is an oracle of infinite wisdom. On the other hand, floating downstream to the open ocean with achieve a similar result.

My recommendation: Go midstream and stay there.

Nature friendly Driver
Tortoise always passes the Hare

What’s the right speed

When you’re driving through nature?

Getting there fast is overrated

Somewhere between the speed of the Tortoise and the Hare.

And if we’ve learned anything from that fable: Going slower actually gets you there first. (Just aske the poor hare – he’s never won once!)

Hare makes the headlines, but the Tortoise wins the race

Other advantages of going slow?

  • It gives you more time to think.
  • Collisions with animals are greatly reduced.
  • You lead by example by showing other people how to drive.

Campfire renewal?
Who says we shouldn't reinvent the wheel?

Sometimes old traditions …

Need a new log on the fire.

Kick back and enjoy the campfire talk

Why so?

Cavemen and women invented the campfire, and they did a fine job. We won’t take that away from them. But that’s not an excuse for campfires not keeping up with modern times. That’s where Campfire Park comes in. We didn’t invent the campfire, we just trying to make it better (and more welcoming) for the new geologic unit (i.e. After Phones (AP)) that we happen to found ourselves in.

In a nutshell: That means instead of you going out, we bring the campfire right to your door.