Divine intervention
It seems that way sometimes

Sometimes out of nowhere …

Everything seems to go wrong.

Front page

Getting it right …

Is easier said than done.

In fact sometimes the more you do the worse it gets, to the point that you want to give up.

Back page

The out of nowhere everything fixes itself, leaving you to wonder if it was something you did, the healing nature of time, or some other tipping point. Not that you overthink it that much. It’s just good to suddenly be back to your old self.

Cap’n Killivine
Time for a handwriting workout

To Whom It May Concern*,

(*And sorry to be so formal – it’s just been a long time since I’ve written a long-form letter like this, for reasons I’ll explain more below.)

My name is Cap’n Killivine and I have a confession to make:

I somehow let an entire decade slip by without writing a single “handwritten” a note. The reason? You guessed it – the smart phone. The moment I got one, all I’ve been doing is “thumbing” texts ever since. As a result, my penmanship has seriously slipped. Looking in the mirror I feel like a nub of my former self. Or in other words, I’m in bad penmanshape.

Staying in good penmanshape is hard work

Well, no longer! With the new year now here, I am fully committed to once and for all (and finally) getting back into good penmanshape.

Find out more about my workout regimen below:

For now, the the best way to connect with me, Cap’n Killivine, and the rest of the gang at Nature Folk HQ is here at the Nature Folk Flyer. In the meanwhile, pick up a blank piece of paper and pen and write yourself or someone else a good handwritten note. You’ll be amazed what you discover and how good you feel when you do.

Sincerely and Truly,

P.S. About my name: The term “killivine” is just a fancy name for a writing instrument, whether a pencil, pen or crayon. My favorite crayon color is Cerulean Blue.

Sharpener or Bust
Getting ready for the Doodle Challenge

Yes, it’s true …

Cap’n Killivine is lonely.

Cap’n Killivine is sick of sitting around all day!

But that’ doesn’t mean he’s giving up hope. In fact, he’s never been more optimistic about the course of events. True – the Boogie Phone has the upper hand for now. But more and more people are rediscovering the joys of handwriting notes. And doodles! Is there anything more soothing to the mind and also invigorating in a strange way than filling up a blank piece of paper with a doodle?

That’s where the Doodle Challenge comes in.

Now there’s a doodle!

Draw one yourself and then hang it on the wall. You’ll be amazed how many people will admire it, and then use it as inspiration to doodle their own and similarly tape it up for display. Early estimates are that one doodle leads to ten and from their the doodles geometrically expand.

When it’s all said and done it will be a doodle revolution!

Letter to a Friend
And why it's better than a text

I‘m not saying that handwriting a letter …

Will solve everything that ails you.

What do you think of the opening jingle?

But you’ll be surprised at the many dimensions it works. One, it’s a physical workout. Look for your hand to start cramping up after a sentence or three. Two, it’ll get your creative juices flowing and reconnecting new synapses up in your brain. Third, it will help you reconnect with yourself and whoever your writing to in too many ways to count.

Letter writing is an easily discovered lost art!

Nature Folk TweetRoll

After reading these tweets …

I think the message is pretty clear:

The good folks at Nature Folk HQ are freaked out by the BoogiePhone.

And probably rightly so.

Think about it:

The Boogiephone is a major disruptor, and usually in bad ways. Instead of engaging the people around you, or reading a book, or writing a handwritten note, or simply going for a walk, the Boogiephone creeps up time and time again and takes over your life.

Or is it even fair to talk about the Boogiephone …

Without him present to defend himself.

Boogiephone, are you there?