Car Horn Use 101
The guide for proper horn usage

Have you ever been unnerved …

By an unexpected blast of a car horn in your general direction.

Did the toot go too far? Call your Uncle!

Worry not, and rest assured:

Uncle & Uncle is in your corner, where they settle petty differences and trivial situations in you favor, and often with a vengeance that far exceeds any fleeting anger or discomfort you may have felt. At 1-UNCLE-UNCLE, they’ll not only surround you with peaceful sounds, they’ll take care of whoever beeped the errant horn.

“At Uncle & Uncle, we let you eat your cake and have it, too.”

Don’t let the beep cause you to lose sleep – Call Your Uncle!

Terms and conditions may apply

Free Meal Guarantee
Plus a tasty dessert

We all know the terrible feeling …

of ordering the wrong meal at a restaurant.

Fortunately, Uncle & Uncle is in your corner.

Not only will they guarantee you a free meal (and tasty) meal.

For dessert they’ll make sure you get to eat your cake and have it, too.

Don’t let you stomach rumble:

“Call Your Uncle!”


(Conditions may apply)