Firelight Radio

Many have asked:

Why does a talking guitar host your podcast?

Firelight Radio is campfire inspired and guitar guarranteed

First, you can’t have a Nature Folk Movement (NFM) without a guitar at a campfire. So who not better to host Firelight Radio than a guitar? Really the idea of the podcast is to generate a laidback feel. You know, just discussing things in a conversational tone around a campfire. After several auditions – an electric guitar, a walrus and a piece of Tamiami Caprock also applied – we felt that an acoustic guitar would hit the right chord with listeners. The only problem: Despite his name and shape, guitar doesn’t play guitar very well. All he can really do is strum. Fortunately he’s a pretty good conversationalist so we are pretty forgiving on the musical front.

Ballad of a Florida Panther

Second, the Firelight Radio podcast isn’t just about the water. It’s programming spans widely across a range of topics relevant to the Nature Folk Movement (NFM). For example, Bobby Angel is a regular guest, as is the Cowboy at the Campfire, a phone-eating dinosaur named Dino, and others. Some pods get post-produced into vods

Third, who doesn’t love a guitar by a campfire? Our research indicated not many.

So there you have it, that’s why we have a guitar hosting our podcast. If that doesn’t make any sense, give it a listen and hopefully, eventually, you’ll also agree.

Firelight Radio is hosted Podbean and available on Apple Podcasts