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Creek-sized River

Have you ever wondered …

How a local creek got its name?

Or why it’s called a river and not a creek?

Case in point is the creek-sized Turner River in south Florida.

Eternal summer
Shade is your only hope now

About a month ago I was up in Maryland …

During a bit of a heat wave.

Comparison of day and night temperatures up the East Coast

Or so they told me.

To me it actually felt kind of pleasant.

The reason?

After two decades in Florida, apparently my blood has thinned.

Cloud shadows have never felt better

Who am I to complain?

Her and There
Art of the medley

Life was simple …

When she was there.

Stay on to hear the interview after the song

Then somehow they both slipped away.

Or is that the most beautiful part?

Bobby Angel explores that and more in his new song.

And by the way, it’s a medley – not his typical ballad.

Interview Tips
by AM Radio Host Buck Buckner

Folks, let me tell ya …

There’s a lot of bad advice out there on the internet.

Interview tips by Buck

Worse yet:

It can really hit you hard where it counts. And I’m talking your pocketbook. And folks, really, if you want to improve yourself – your going to need a good job. And to get a good job you’re gonna have to interview well. The problem is, most people either don’t know how to interview or they are getting bad advice on the internet.

My advice to you is simple.

Don’t be fooled by their trick questions.

Loneliest Chair
Or should I say bench?

Yes, that chair may look lonely

But at least I was there to keep it company.

The chair is happier than you may think

And with pen and paper in hand …

That was all the company I needed.

The chair, I think, was thrilled to be featured in my sketch that I drew from the aluminum picnic table bench shown on the front left.

Pro and anti social
How To: Tune into the movement

A goal of the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) is to …

Help you put down your phone.

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But we also realize the best (and perhaps only) way to reach to you about what to do without your phone and what we all did in the Before Phone (BP) era is through your phone.

We realize that’s a bit of a paradox.

It’s also being pragmatic, too.

Good summer Read?
How about the trailer first?

If you are looking for a good beach read …

I highly recommend the Centennial Campfire Trilogy.

The trailer may be its best sales pitch


For one, it’s an adventurous tale. Two, it’s a sprawling work that will allow you to really dig in. Three, it will inspire you to reconnect with nature and the natural history around you in a way you haven’t done before. And four, well, I cannot tell a lie – I also co-wrote the book.

The three books of the trilogy

One last note:

I highly recommend the paperback books. As they were written in the throwback style of Treasure Island, and meant to be thumbed back and forth in time, the Kindle just doesn’t do the trilogy justice in being able to connect the dots of all the story lines.

Built to be Torn Down
And hauled away in a dump truck

Usually in life we like being on the path to progress, 

Especially when that means money in the bank.

This podcast features a song and interview with Bobby Angel

And then there’s the odd case of the “tear down.”

In this edition of Firelight Radio, singer/songwriter Bobby Angel digs deep into the meaning of home and what it’s like being on the outside looking in when the land value outstrips the worth of one man’s life work.

A long-time owner ponders the demise of his life’s work

The older we get the more we look back …

And the more we shoot for the future to bear a legacy of some sort.

Or is the heart over watching your life’s work get demolished misery misplaced. Maybe our true mark is best found in the hearts and memories of those we touched, not structural moments whether they be houses, physical creations or other namesakes.

That doesn’t make the demolition hurt any less.

A tear down

As for the musical influences on the song?

Probably Merle Haggard and Woody Guthrie resonate most. But make no mistake, the song and interview are Bobby Angel original all the way.

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