The Movement

Our Vision

To reconnect society and individuals with the traditional activities and values that have been taken away, or devalued, by smart phone culture and the internet.

Our Mission

To create a buzz around and promote the Nature Folk Movement (NFM).

Our Core Values

Lead by example,

Don’t talk about it, do it,

Have fun and be innovative,

Rule of the Ninja

Our Strategy

Create an online ecosystem that provides an interesting and enriching environment for fostering the Nature Folk Movement (NFM).

Our Goals

To tame the Boogie Phone

To give nature a seat at the table

To give the little guy a voice

To bring the Nature Folk Movement (NFM) to life

Our Objectives

Improve water cycle awareness

Celebrate nature through folk songs

Hold regular campfire talks

Reconnect people with their bookshelf

Raise awareness of the pre-smartphone era

Encourage good penmanshape

Supporters of the movement

Adversaries of the movement